TGV-inhalonix lead product is a nebulized Mul-1867 solution designed for convenient self-administration.  Mul-1867 is the first inhaled antimicrobial being developed against multidrug-resistant bacteria and fungi.  Initial testing indicates Mul-1867 to be a significant breakthrough in the war on lung infections in patients with cystic fibrosis.

Mul-1867 was Granted Orphan Drug Status from FDA to treat lung infections in CF that addresses unmet medical needs.

Mul-1867 targets biofilm-associated lung infections caused by a number of bacteria and fungi, including P.aeruginosaS.aureus (including MRSA,VISA/VRSA),B.cepaciaH.influenzaeAspergillus  spp., Candida spp., etc.

TGV-inhalonix recently completed its first-in-human pilot study of Mul-1867 in 15 cystic fibrosis patients with chronic infections (outside the US). With an inhaled delivery directly to the sites of pulmonary infection, Mul-1867  was shown to be clinically safe and effective.

Highlights of Mul-1867 –Three “Effective against”:

  • Effective against resistant microorganisms
  • Effective against biofilms
  • Effective against mixed bacterial-bacterial and bacterial-fungal infections

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