TGV-inhalonix to Present New Findings on Breakthrough Drug at 40th European Cystic Fibrosis Society Conference

NEW YORK (April 14, 2017) – TGV-inhalonix, a New York-based pharmaceutical company with a consistent track record in developing anti-infective agents, announced they will present data for the research study “Study Of Mul-1867 A Drug Candidate For Inhalation Therapy Of MRSA/VRSA Infections In Patients With Cystic Fibrosis In Murine Lung Infection Model” as an oral presentation at the upcoming 40th European Cystic Fibrosis Conference ( Seville, Spain, 07-10 June 2017).

George Tetz, scientific and development advisor for the New York-based pharmaceutical company TGV-inhalonix, detailed the findings of the company’s most recent studies on its inhaled antimicrobial Mul-1867 against multiresistant S.aureus.
“S.aureus is one of the most abundant pathogens causing life-threatening infections in cystic fibrosis patients. However, vancomycin resistant so called VRSA S.aureus is one of the most poorly curable pathogens and may become a serious issue to the patients with cystic fibrosis already by within the next decade” said Dr. G. Tetz
The drug showed high activity against biofilms formed by multiresistant S.aureus and in in vivo model, significantly protected animals from the pneumonia related mortality.
“Data that we have received corresponds to our previous studies that revealed Mul-1867 as a highly effective inhaled antimicrobial drug,.” said Victor Tetz.
Additional information will be presented at the ECFS 2017 Conference.
European Cystic Fibrosis Conference is held by The European Cystic Fibrosis Society – an international community of scientific and clinical professionals committed to improving survival and quality of life for cystic fibrosis patients.